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2018/19 Calendar
Date Event & Location Information
Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day swim for food charity. Swim 100x100s,75s,or50s. Entry Fee is Food Donation! Riptide Masters
Minnetonka Masters
Hopkins Masters
Dec 1 Yoga for Swimmers @St. Paul Yoga Center 12:30pm Info/Sign-up
Dec 9 SCM "State Championship Meet @Univ. of MN Information
Jan 27 Icebreaker Meet @Univ. MN Information Soon
Jan-Feb USMS One-Hour ePostal. How far can you swim in 1 hour Info/Registration
Feb 23 "Flying Finn" Meet @St. Thomas (named after the late HOFer Ray Hakomaki) info when avail.
April 13-14 SCY State Championship Meet @St. Thomas info when avail.
Apr 25-28 USMS Spring National Championship @Mesa,AZ Order of Events NQTs
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USMS 3000/6000 ePostal National Championships How long does it take you to swim 3000 or 6000 yards?? Sep.15th - Nov.15th -Info/Registration

2018 Virtual Swimtathlon League -Information/Registration




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