By the end of Saturday, February 13th registrations for the Spring Sojourn reached their limit.  Hence we have developed a waiting list procedure, found at .

Riptide Swim Team, in conjunction with Minnesota Masters Swimming LMSC, announced earlier that the Spring Sojourn Short Course Yards Meet is being planned for Sunday, March 28th.

This meet features 18 events, including the 1,000 Yard Freestyle and 400 Yard Individual Medley that were absent from the November 15th Meet.

The events roll out very similarly to Riptide's Return to Racing, but with breaststroke and backstroke events swapping with each other and with the 100 and 200 IM's trading places.

There will be a 10-minute break after every third race.

Registration commenced at 7 PM on Thursday, February 11th, via Club Assistant's On-Line system only.  

The Entry Fee is $20.

The Meet Announcement can be found at .

The registration link is found as the first item under "Events" on and more specifically is .

A useful site for exploring the current roster in alphabetical order is .

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