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Minnesota Masters Swimming
Event Planning Calendar


Events in BOLD are hosted by MN LMSC
Events in *Asterisks* are sanctioned by USMS
Other events are listed for reference only.
If you would like to more actively participate
in our swimmers community and suggest an event
or volunteer to help, contact Community Committee
Chair, Tom Moore.

*USMS Go the Distance*

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Updated 11/4/2018








updates to calendar? email here

  Pool Competition Open Water Competition Fitness, Training & Skills
September 2018 Sept. 9: Inagural SCM meet at New Prague Aquatic Center
-Information -Registration

Sept 8: JJ Hill Days 1 & 2 mile open water swims
-Information -Registration

Sept. 1: "Swim-Angels" Needed for Hopkins Royal Tri. Information link
October 2018 Oct. 20: 1st Ever Sprint Only Meet, location tbd
-Information -Registration
November 2018

Nov. 3:Annual Meeting/Awards Dinner/Hall of Fame Ceremony 
-Information -Registration

Nov:Minnetonka Fall MeetCancelled
-Information -Registration

  Thanksgiving Day swim for food charity.
Swim 100x100s,75s,or50s. Entry Fee is Food Donation!
-Riptide Masters(Bluewater Aquatic Center)
-Minnetonka Masters(Minnetonka Aquatic Center)
-Hopkins Masters(Aquajets pool)
December 2018

Dec 9: SCM State Championship Meet at UofM
-Information -Registration

January 2019 Jan. 27: Icebreaker SCY Meet @Univ. of MN
-Information -Registration
February 2019 Feb: "Flying Finn" SCY Meet @Univ. of St. Thomas (named after the late HOFer Ray Hakomaki) 
-Information -Registration
March 2019    


April 2019

April 13-14: SCY State Championship Meet @St. Thomas
-Information -Registration

April 25-28: USMS Spring National Championship @Mesa,AZ
-Order of Events
-Hotel Info

  Sundays in April:Adult Learn To Swim: Free Swim Lessons -Information
May 2019      
June 2018 June 23: Long Course "State" Meet @Univ. of MN
-Information -Registration

June : Zorbaz Gull Lake Challenge 1.2, 2.4 Mile Swims Nisswa, MN
-Information -Registration

June -Sept : Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon Series.
-Information -Registration

June 16: END-WET 36 Mile River Race, Grand Forks, ND

June 23: Lake Harriet 1 & 2 Mile Swim
-Information -Registration

Summer: Open Water Swim Workouts @Lake Phalen in St. Paul
-Information -Registration

June 9(Sat.): Open Water Swim Workout @Lake Phalen in St. Paul -Information -Registration

June 16(Sat.): Open Water Swim Workout @Lake Phalen in St. Paul -Information -Registration

June 20(Wed.): Open Water Swim Workout @Lake Phalen in St. Paul -Information -Registration

July 30(Sat.): Open Water Swim Workout @Lake Phalen in St. Paul -Information -Registration

July 2018  

July 7: Lake Monster 1-2-3, Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis -Info/Registration

July 7: Big Swell Swim 1.2 & 2.4 Mile Swims, Devils Lake,WI
-Information -Registration

July 14: Lake Rebecca 5K Open Water Swim
-Information -Registration

July 15: Manitou Monster 2-Mile Open Water Swim
-Information -Registration



July 11(Wed.): Open Water Swim Workout @Lake Phalen in St. Paul -Information -Registration

July tbd(Sunday) AM***:  Lake Pepin swim   
Contact Lisa Ramsey for details and to Sign up.

***The time is dependant on what the barge traffic is predicted to be.
August 2018


Aug 4: Point 2 LaPoint 2-Mile Open Water Swim in Lake Superior, Bayfield, WI
-Information -Registration

Aug : Perch Lake 1 & 2 Mile Open Water Swims
-Info & Registration

Aug : Swim 4 Freedom, 8 mile open water swim, Lake Geneva, WI
-Information -Registration

Aug 11: 33rd Annual Minnetonka Challenge 5mi Lake Swim
-Information -Registration

*Aug 19: Madison Open Water Swim(MOWS) 1.2mi, 2.4mi swims, Madison, WI*
-Information -Registration

Aug 25: Duluth Park Point 1-5K, Wetsuit swim in Lake Superior
-Information -Registration

Aug : Chain of Lakes Open Swim Classic 1.5mi & 2.4mi swims, @Lake Calhoun, Mpls, MN -Information/Registration

5K/10K ePostal Fitness Event. Swim the USMS ePostal event w/MN Masters Swimmers! -Information
USMS Nationals 2018


*Sprint-Distance Open Water National Championship (1 mile): Eclipse Cross Roads Swim @Little Grassy Lake, Makanda, IL. June 9, 2018* -Info/Registration
*Middle-Distance Open Water National Championship (2 miles): Reston, Virginia May 27, 2018* -Info/Registration
*Long-Distance Open Water National Championship (5K) : Fire Island Ocean Swim, Open Water LLC @Fire Island, NY July 7, 2018*
*Marathon-Distance Open Water National Championship (10K): Rogue Valley Masters@Appletgate Lake, Jacksonville, OR, July 14, 2018*
*Ultramarathon-Distance Open Water National Championship (10.7 miles): Willamette River, Portland, Oregon, July 8, 2018* -Info/Registration
*2 Mile Cable: COMA-Central Oregon Masters @ Foster Lake, OR. July 12, 2018*